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God’s Prophetic Spirit (Volume 1) – Print


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The Holy Spirit is one of the greatest blessings in the life of a Christian. The Spirit’s presence is treasured almost universally by Christians as the sweetest gift given to them by their Savior. But would it surprise you to know that God spoke more often about the Holy Spirit to His saints in Israel before the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus than He does to Christians in the New Testament? While most people study the Holy Spirit from a New Testament perspective, the foundation of the Bible’s doctrine of His work was laid in the Old Testament God’s Prophetic Spirit examines every mention of the Spirit’s work with humanity from Genesis to Revelation. This work is written with the belief that the answers to our questions about the Holy Spirit are found, not outside the Bible, but within the inspired word of God. This study moves verse-by-verse through the entire Bible and builds a coherent, understandable doctrine about the Holy Spirit. The message from the clear, concise lessons in Genesis to the grand statements of the New Testament which proclaim the Spirit’s power in the church is unwavering. The Holy Spirit has one work with and in humanity: Prophecy. Volume 1 of this three volume set explores the Holy Spirit’s work with humanity from Genesis to the close of the earthly ministry of Jesus.

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