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Becoming God’s Friend


Friend. No word is its equal in capturing the power of the most needed relationships in our lives. Marriage without friendship is bondage. Family without friendship is just genetics. Friendship is a choice made in the partnership of two united souls. It is strengthened over time and grows stronger each time it is tested. Friends make life’s sorrows softer and its joys sweeter. People need friends.

This book has one goal. It wants to show how you can be a treasured friend to God. You can rise above just being a servant in His house. Your place can be even higher than an obedient child in His family. You can stand beside Him as a cherished and needed friend. All it takes from you is for you to fulfill the promise of your faith.

One man in the Bible is called “the friend of God” – Abraham. He is the “father of all who believe.” His life shows the potential in faith. His life shows the power of the faith that dwells within your heart. This book will help you retrace the steps of Abraham’s faith from his call out of Ur to the altar which held his son, Isaac. You will see his growth from God’s servant to His friend. It will challenge you to walk in the steps of Abraham’s faith. It will call you to see your faith in a new light. You can be more than God’s servant.

You can become God’s friend.

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“A book that you don’t want to put down, but you also don’t want it to end! Thank you Jonathan for your LOVE of TRUTH! I have been blessed by reading this book. I am encouraging others to read it also. What an insight on Abraham’s friendship with God! But more important, knowing I too should live my Christian life KNOWING I AM a friend of God also. WHAT AN EDIFYING BOOK!” – Geneivieve Ormon

“The author presents a challenge to progress from a servant to a steward to a son/ daughter and finally to becoming a friend of God. He describes the progression in very understandable terms and in a way that increases our desire to “take the challenge”. What could be better than having God as a friend? This book will inspire you to grow your faith to that pinnacle. I like to give as graduation gifts a book that can have a positive influence as the graduates start their adult lives. This will now become the book I give for that purpose.” – Elaine

“This is a well written book which takes the reader though the life of Abraham as he grows his faith and becomes God’s Friend. It is one of those books that you will find yourself reading again and again as you ponder your own spiritual growth. The book is written in such a way as to help the reader see that life’s struggles can be overcome while maintaining a strong faith in the God of Heaven who loves us so much. Becoming God’s friend is a lifelong journey into eternity. Love this book. Hats off to Jonathan Jenkins for a job well done!” – Rosa


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