Does the Design of the Universe Prove that God Exists? (Vol. 3)

by Apologetics Press

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 Excerpt from the Tract:

“In order to prove the existence of God, theists often use what is known as the Teleological Argument. “Teleology” is a word that refers to purpose or design. Thus, this approach suggests that where there is design, there must be a designer. In logical form, the argument may be presented as follows:

1. If the Universe shows evidence of design, it must have had a designer.
2. The Universe does show evidence of design.
3. Thus, the Universe must have had a designer.

This correct form of logical reasoning, and the implications that flow from it, have not escaped the attention of those who do not believe in God. Even unbelievers understand that one does not get a poem without a poet, a law without a lawgiver, a painting without a painter, or design without a designer. However, even though many unbelievers admit that design demands a de-signer, they deny that there is any design in nature sufficient to establish the existence of a Great Designer.

The disagreement between the person who believes in God and the person who does not has nothing whatsoever to do with whether design demands a designer. Rather, the point of contention is whether or not there is design in nature adequate to prove the conclusion that a Designer does exist. This is where the Teleological Argument comes into play.”


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