Does “Cause and Effect” Prove that God Exists? (Vol. 2)

by Apologetics Press

Price: $ .99

Excerpt from the Tract:

Material effects without adequate causes do not exist. Also, causes never occur after the effect. It is meaningless to speak of a cause following an effect, or an effect coming before a cause. In addition, the effect never is greater than the cause. That is why scientists say that every material effect must have an adequate cause. The river did not turn muddy because the frog jumped in; nor did the book fall from the table because the fly landed on it. These are not adequate causes. For whatever effects we see, we must suggest ad­equate causes—which brings us back to the original question: What caused the Universe?

There are only three possible answers to this question: (1) the Universe is eternal; it always has existed and always will exist; (2) the Universe is not eternal; rather, it created itself out of nothing; or (3) the Universe is not eter­nal, and did not create itself out of nothing, but instead was created by some­thing (or Someone) outside of, and superior to, itself. These three options de­serve serious consideration.

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