Why Don’t People Believe in God? (Vol. 1)

by Apologetics Press

Price: $.99


Excerpt from the Tract:

The skeptic is the person who doubts that there is a God. The standard dictionary definition is quite revealing when it describes a skeptic as one who holds to “the doctrine that true knowledge or knowledge in a particular area is uncertain and who has doubts concerning basic religious principles.” Notice that the skeptic does not claim knowledge of God is unattainable (as the agnostic does), but rather is “uncertain.” The skeptic is not prepared to accept anything except that which can be verified empirically (that is to say, by using the five senses). To the skeptic, then, science becomes the only valid method of “proving” anything. Since God cannot be seen, tasted, heard, touched, or smelled, then skeptics say that either He does not exist or that He cannot be very important even if He does.

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