How Can a Homosexual be Saved? (Vol. 32)

by Jonathan Jenkins

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Excerpt from the Tract:

The great divide in our culture is not about just homosexuality or any other such  concern. The issue is the nature of man.  Some will read this article and already know that its contents are hate-filled and bigoted. However, in truth, the word “homosexual” in the title could be changed to nearly any other action people take and that same critic would still believe this article was nothing other than the musings of a limited and repressive mind. That kind of detractor of articles such as this has already concluded that even if God exists, that God would never dare to tell His creation what it should and should not do. There is no approach to the topic of homosexuality – other than to accept it unilaterally – that will placate that kind of critic.

So at the beginning of this discussion, it must be said to those critics: “You are wrong.” God does exist. He created the world (Genesis 1:1; John 1:1-2). One day He will judge the world (Acts 17:30-31). All of humanity has sinned and needs salvation from that God (Romans 3:23). None of us, including the homosexual, is immune from having his actions condemned by that God. Lastly, the Bible is the book in which are expressed to us the judgments and expectations of God about our actions.

If you reject those ideas about God, humanity, and the Bible, then this article is probably not for you. Those of us who are Christians know what you believe on those matters and how much disdain have for us. If reading an article that seeks to discuss homosexuality from a biblical perspective is simply going to cause you anger and further negativity, you are quite welcome to stop reading now. I will not be offended.

This article is offered for the Christian. It is aimed at helping the child of God to have both a biblical and god-like attitude toward those we understand to be engaged in a sinful activity. It may be that you have seen Christians abandon their beliefs about homosexuality and find your faith on the matter in doubt; perhaps you have experienced true anger and hate from misguided or immature Christians; perhaps you or a loved one is struggling with homosexuality; if so, I hope the thoughts below can help to strengthen your faith again. As Christians, we must hold to the truths that all sex outside of the marriage of a man and a woman is sinful in the eyes of God, but that the blood of Jesus is sufficient to save man from all kinds of sin – even homosexuality.

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