Does the Bible Talk About Dinosaurs? (Vol. 9)

by Jim Taylor

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Excerpt from the Tract:

The first thing we notice is that God tells Job to “look at the behemoth, which I made along with you.” I believe God is referring back to Genesis 1:24-26 where he made the beasts and man on the same day. Whatever this creature is God wants Job to look at it while God makes some observations. Let’s see if we can deduce what this creature might be based on God’s description.

  • The first observation is “he eats grass like an ox”(v. 15). So whatever this animal is it is an herbivore. That could include any of the animals mentioned earlier.
  • The second observation is “He moves his tail like a cedar” (v. 17). The cedars of Lebanon were renowned for their size and beauty. The behemoth moves his tail like one of these mighty cedar trees. Let’s think about the animals previously mentioned. Would the tail movements of any of them remind you of a cedar tree? No! As a matter of fact, they all have rather dinky tails relative to their great size. Whatever the behemoth is he is an herbivore with a giant tail.
  • The third observation is “He is the first [some versions say “chief” – jt] of the ways of God” (v. 19). He is the largest creature God ever made. In my mind, it could only be one thing: a dinosaur!
  • The fourth observation is “Indeed the river may rage, yet he is not disturbed; he is confident though the Jordan rushes into his mouth.”(v. 23).  Of course he is confident; all he has to do is lift his head up over the water. He is a long-neck dinosaur! Which one? I don’t know. Brachiosaurus? Ultrasaurus? The only thing I know for sure is it was the biggest one.

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