What is the Relationship of Christ’s Church, Body, and Kingdom? (Vol. 29)

by Scott Taft

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Excerpt from the Tract:

When we think of our bodies of what do we think? I think of how all the parts work together as one for the accomplishment of whatever I am choosing to do at the given time. If I have a thought about doing something and decide to do it, my head or brain directs the movements of my body to accomplish that particular action. Further, all of the supporting parts of my body help in that. The heart pumps blood and oxygen to the muscles that allows them to function in the various movements the nervous system is telling them to make. The lungs breathe in and filter the oxygen that goes into the bloodstream for the heart to distribute through the blood to the muscles. The bloodstream and circulatory system take away the toxins and chemicals produced by muscle fatigue to allow the muscles to recover for the next set of actions. My feet carry me by the use of the skeletal structure. Tendons and muscles make my bones move and provide padding for the joints that are used in the activity. Food taken in is processed through the stomach to be used as an energy source that works in providing the impetus for the muscle movement. If no food is available then fat cells stored are burned to provide the energy needed for movement.

The body is a homogeneous set of parts that all work together to accomplish the purposes dictated by the brain. The church in its ideal state is supposed to be like this too.

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