Progressive Christianity – What is it? (Part 1) (Vol. 27)

by Bruce Morton

Price: $ .99

Excerpt from the Tract:

Similar to descriptions like “Orthodox Christianity” or “Feminist Christianity,” the phrase “Progressive Christianity” carries with it definite beliefs and hopes. But most of all it carries the deep desire for peace in the middle of a U.S. filled with culture clashes. It longs for quietness in a nation at war. For example Eric Elnes begins his progressive essays with the story of a woman who was discouraged by having to qualify her belief in Jesus. She felt disheartened at having to explain herself in relation to numerous heated debates that are part of present American society (e.g. homosexuality; gender equality). She deeply wants to be able simply to say, “I am a Christian.” But how can she do that in a nation that knows religious division?



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