Who is Adam? (Vol. 26)

by Eric Owens

Price: $ .99

Excerpt from the Tract:

In this regard, evolution is debilitating to self-esteem. How can we expect people to feel good about being told their very existence is an accident? The consequence of evolutionary thinking is that it leads to people to think, “You don’t actually have a purpose. You could have never existed just as easily as you do exist. If one atom inside of one molecule had bounced another direction, you would have never been.” How can anyone feel good about being an accident?

Organic evolution further degrades man by its testimony that we are nothing more than any other animal. How can humans feel good about being told they are no different than an ant? Most humans have stepped on and killed ants and given little thought to the life that is being ended. If our lives are of no more intrinsic worth than theirs then the ease and passing concern with which their lives be can ended is equally true of our lives. Our lives can be tossed away or wasted because they were of little value in the first place. That mindset cannot be the basis of any true self-esteem.


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