How Will I be Treated When I am 120 Years Old? (Vol. 25)

by Adam Faughn

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Excerpt from the Tract:

In the book of Deuteronomy, Moses gives a series of three speeches that are, essentially, his farewell address. In the final chapter of that book, we have the record of Moses dying at the age of 120. Most scholars suggest that the speeches recorded in this book took place of the course of weeks or months, not years. So, by any stretch, Moses was an old man when he delivered these words. In fact, he was the oldest person present by several decades!

And the people listened.

What a contrast that is to our society! Today, if someone with white hair (or no hair) stands up to speak, there is automatically some level of apathy. The “don’t trust anyone over 30” mentality of the 1960s generation has now borne fruit, and it is a society that does not care for the advice, wisdom, and worth of the aged.

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