Which Women are Beautiful to God? (Vol. 24)

by Brittany Davis

Price: $ .99

Excerpt from the Text:

Long lashes, pouty lips, defined eyes, and rosy cheeks are where the world would have you believe your beauty is contained. Take a look at any fashion magazine, billboard, or television show. Advertisements and articles are telling you that you should aspire to look like girls and women who have been digitally buffed, air brushed, and elongated. Not only are you told to try and emulate these computer generated images, you are then told to look like that forever. Age defying, wrinkle and puffiness reducing serums are then brought into the mix so that we can be forever young. Take it from someone who spent most of her teen years studying Allure magazine and personally testing any and all serums, creams and eye enhancing shades; imitation is not possible. You will never be able to look like the Photoshop model du jour; and why try? God only created one of you. There is no need for comparisons.

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