Who is an Elder? (Vol. 18)

by Dale Jenkins

Price: $ .99

Excerpt from the Tract:

The two young guys could not have been kinder nor more polite. Our talk was engaging and lively but never heated. They showed up on my doorstep at just the time they had promised. I had an admiration for them. Two boys, barely out of their teens, one from Wyoming, the other from Utah. Pounding the pavement and doors with most, no doubt, being shut in their faces.

They had the standard issue black name tag with white embossed lettering. But I asked them anyway, “What do you want me to call you?” “Elder Jones,” answered one and the other, “Elder Stepford.”

We each expressed revere for the Scriptures and all confessed a love for Christ. At issue of any disagreement would be this point: who, or rather, what, holds the trump card when it comes to authority? It’s the issue of any religious discussion: If my priest says something different than the Scriptures, which am I going to believe? If my parents, my church, and my favorite writers/writings differ from the Bible am I going to believe them or the Bible?

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