What is Worship? (Vol. 17)

by Kevin Cain

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Excerpt from the Tract:

I live in a highly unusual (non-existent) town called Crystal. This town has one very strange zoning ordinance that makes it stand out from most other non-existent towns. In Crystal, all religious buildings must be made out of glass. Don’t ask why—that’s just the way it has always been. Our founding fathers were big into glass. Nevertheless, that makes Sunday morning driving in Crystal a very interesting exercise. As I drive around town on Sunday morning, I pass by one building where everyone is kneeling on a mat with their heads to the ground. In another, everyone has their hands up in the air. In the next building, everyone has their hands clasped and heads bowed. In yet another, everyone is dancing or shaking on the ground. In the last building I drive by, I notice that everyone looks like they are sleeping.

As I drive around, I wonder to myself, “How do you worship? Where do you worship? And more fundamentally, what is worship?” If you asked your friends these questions, you would likely get as many answers as you have friends, with the common thread being that it does not really matter how you worship. With worship (and many other religious subjects), many people have the mindset that you have your way and I have mine, and that’s ok.

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