Can There Really be Just One Church? (Vol. 16)

by Jim Taylor

Price: $ .99

Excerpt from the Tract:

Look around. Does that sound anything like the smorgasbord of churches you see on street corner after street corner? It’s one of the biggest lies Satan has working for him. All these different groups and denominations truly believe that they are part of the one true church, even though they teach totally different doctrines and have such a wide diversity in their creeds. Let’s reason together for a moment. That would be like ordering a chocolate pie, but when you start cutting it into slices, or denominating it, so to speak, one slice is strawberry, another banana, another coconut cream, and so on. What if those pie slices could talk? You know what they would say? “We are part of the chocolate pie!” Really? I believe if everyone would stand back and truly look at this picture, we would all realize there is something terribly wrong with it.


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