Which Translation of the Bible Should I Use? (Vol. 12)

by Jonathan Jenkins

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Excerpt from the Tract:

Tips on Choosing A “Study” Bible

1. Remember, It is the Bible that Matters, not the Study Aides.

Sometimes students get distracted by the notes and color-coded guides in a study Bible and forget the most important part of their choice. That choice is all that has been discussed in this essay. Getting the “right” translation for your personal needs is far more important than the notes, maps, and outlines a publisher squeezes into a Bible. Your number one task is to get the right translation. Only after that is done can you worry about choosing the right edition of that translation.

2. Look for a Good Cross-Reference System

The most useful aide in Bibles is also one of the first that began appearing in them. Usually located in the center between the two columns on a page in traditional Bible formatting, there is a list of references of other Bible verses that relate to the verses appearing on the page. Most often, these references are labeled by verse number. Occasionally, a letter system will link a center-column reference to a superscripted letter appearing in the main text of the Bible. This system is nearly indispensible to Bible study. This aide puts other useful verses right at your fingertips. As they appear in nearly every Bible, make sure yours has one.

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