Can Faith Be Rational? (Vol. 10)

by Jonathan Jenkins

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Excerpt from the Tract:

For the theist, God implies a purpose for our existence that lies outside of himself. God’s existence means that we must spend our lives seeking the purpose for which He created us. All creations exist to serve the purpose of their creators. The purpose then of the creation is to fulfill the purpose of the Creator. The wants and desires of the things created are of necessity of secondary importance to those of the Creator. Therefore, the search for meaning for the theist is one of self-denial.

However, if God is not real, there can be no purpose that is wholly external to us. True meaning can only come from within. In the end we may end up agreeing with others about the “why” and “how” of our lives, but the whole construct of good and evil can never be more than arbitrary and transient. Without God, we only have to please ourselves. The highest “good” that can be accomplished is to live a life that fulfills the desires that seem best to the person who holds them. The search for meaning for the atheist is one of self-actualization.



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