How Can I Know the Bible is from God? (Vol. 8)

by Apologetics Press

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Excerpt from the Tract:

In order for a prophecy to be valid, it must meet certain criteria. First, it must be a specific, detailed statement—not something that is vague or general in nature. Second, there must be enough time between the prophetic statement and its fulfillment so that there is no chance whatsoever of the prophet having the ability to influence the outcome. Third, the prophecy must be stated in clear, understandable terms. Fourth, the prophecy must not have historical overtones. In other words, true prophecy should not be based on past (or current) societal or economic conditions. Fifth, a clear, understandable, exact prophecy must have a clear, understandable, exact fulfillment. It is not enough to suggest that a certain event came true with a “high degree of probability.” The fulfillment must be unmistakable, and must match the prophecy in every detail.

Two questions come to mind: (1) Does the Bible contain predictive prophecy; and (2) If it does, can the predictive prophecy be proven true? The answer to both questions is, “Yes!” The Bible’s prophecy fits the criteria perfectly—each and every time. Consider just a few brief examples.




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