What Makes the Bible Special? (Vol. 7)

by: Apologetics Press

Price: $ .99

Excerpt from the Tract:

Suppose you assembled forty contemporary scholars with the highest academic training possible in a single field of study (for example, professors with Ph.D. degrees in world history). Suppose, further, that you placed them in a room and asked each of them to write a twenty- five page paper on a single topic—the causes of World War I. What kind of agreement do you think would exist when all of their papers were finished? Likely, these forty scholars would not agree on numerous points; their papers would be recognized more for the disagreements they contained than for the agreements. But when we examine the Bible’s writers, we see that they did not all live at the same time, did not all work together, and sometimes did not know one another. Most were not highly trained, and what training they did have certainly was not in the same field of study. Nor were they allowed to write on a single subject. Yet they produced a book that is unified from be¬ginning to end. The books of 1 and 2 Chronicles and 1 and 2 Kings agree with one another in numerous historical events. Joshua 1 confirms Deuteronomy 34. Judges 1:1 verifies Joshua 24:27-33. And so on. This fascinating unity, which can be seen throughout the entire Bible, confirms the fact that there was a guiding Intelligence behind it. So many writers, over so many years, covering so many themes, simply could not have been in such astonishing agreement by mere coincidence.



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