Creation or Evolution – Which? (Part1) (Vol. 5)

by Apologetics Press

Price: $  .99

Excerpt from the Tract:

In recent years, however, some evolutionists have complained that the Law of Biogenesis is not a “law” at all, but merely a “principle,” “theory,” or “dictum.” This new naming system has been suggested by evolutionists, not because they have performed experiments that disprove biogenesis, but because they have come to realize that evolution cannot be true if the Law of Biogenesis is true. If evolutionists accept biogenesis as a scientific law, then evolution never could have gotten started. But, even though many evolutionists hate to admit it, there can be no doubt that biogenesis reflects a natural law, since there never has been even a single documented case of spontaneous generation. Therefore, if life on this Earth did not arise from nonliving matter, how did it get here? The fact is, every shred of scientific evidence still supports the concept that life arises only from preexisting life. All scientific information we possess shows that this is an actual fact of nature. The Law of Biogenesis is the complete undoing of evolutionary theory.


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