Does Man’s Sense of Morality Prove that God Exists? (Vol. 4)

by Apologetics Press

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 Excerpt from the Tract:

If our society were based on the concept of godless evolution, this Earth would be a miserable place to live indeed. Dr. Richard Dawkins, the famous evolutionist of Great Britain, once admitted that believing in evolution and then acting consistently upon that belief would produce “a very nasty society in which to live.” Indeed it would. Some years ago, another well-known evolutionist, Dr. Desmond Morris, wrote a book—The Naked Ape—about the evolution of man. That title brings to mind an interesting question. Since no other animal throughout evolutionary history has been able to locate and live by moral standards, should we somehow trust man—as a “naked ape”— to do any better? Matter—by itself—does not have the power to “evolve” any sense of moral consciousness. If there is no purpose in the Universe (which is the position evolutionists are forced to take), then there is no purpose to morality or ethics.

Unbelief therefore must argue (and does argue!) that there is no ultimate standard of moral/ethical truth and that, at best, morality and ethics are different for everyone. If that were true, who could ever suggest that someone else’s behavior was “wrong,” or that a person “ought” or “ought not” to do something? The simple fact of the matter is that unbelievers cannot explain the origin of morality and ethics.

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