Free Moments that Matter Schedule for February

February 10, 2014 in Moments that Matter

Here is the schedule for free tracts through the end of this month:

11-Feb Am I Saved? What is the Church?
12-Feb Does “Cause and Effect” Prove the Existence of God? Should I Tithe?
13-Feb Why Won’t Some People Be Baptized? Progressive Christianity – What is It?
14-Feb How Will I Be Treated When I Am 120 Years Old? Progressive Christianity – What is It? (Part 2)
15-Feb Does the Design of the Universe Prove that God Exists? What is the Relationship of Christ’s, Church, Kingdom, and Body?
16-Feb Who is Adam? How Should I Pray?
17-Feb Does Man’s Sense of Morality Prove that God Exists? Is Abortion Right or Wrong?
18-Feb Can There Really Be Just One Church? Becoming God’s Friend
19-Feb Creation or Evolution – Which? (Part 1) Can Faith be Rational?
20-Feb What Is Worship? Does the Bible Talk About Dinosaurs?
21-Feb Creation or Evolution – Which? (Part 2) Am I Still Saved?
22-Feb Who is an Elder? How Can a Homosexual be Saved?
23-Feb What Makes the Bible Special?
24-Feb How Do I Become a Member of the Church?
25-Feb How Can I Know That The Bible is From God?
26-Feb Which Women Are Beautiful to God?
27-Feb Which Translation of the Bible Should I Use?
28-Feb Why Don’t People Believe in God? What Does God Expect of Me?