MtM Tracts Distributed Through November 2013

December 18, 2013 in Moments that Matter, Uncategorized

Moments that Matter attempts to distribute as many free Bible tracts as possible. Through November 2013, we have distributed over 19,000 free Bible tracts over Amazon’s websites. Thank you to all those who have helped promote this effort.

Title Total
Who is Adam? (Moments that Matter) 4050
Am I Saved? (Moments That Matter) 1051
Does the Design of the Universe Prove that God Exists? (Moments that Matter) 1034
Why Don’t People Believe in God? (Moments that Matter) 1006
Which Women Are Beautiful to God? (Moments that Matter) 853
Creation or Evolution – Which? (Part 1) (Moments that Matter) 844
Which Translation of the Bible Should I Use? (Moments that Matter) 773
Does “Cause and Effect” Prove that God Exists? (Moments that Matter) 759
How Can I Know That the Bible is From God? (Moments That Matter) 736
What Does God Expect of Me? (Moments That Matter) 724
What Makes the Bible Special? (Moments That Matter) 703
What is Worship? (Moments That Matter) 678
Creation or Evolution – Which? (Part 2) (Moments That Matter) 675
Does Man’s Sense of Morality Prove That God Exists? (Moments That Matter) 632
Can There Really Be Just One Church? (Moments That Matter) 611
Should I Tithe? (Moments That Matter) 604
Who is an Elder? (Moments That Matter) 552
Why Won’t Some People Be Baptized? (Moments that Matter) 502
How Do I Become a Member of the Church? (Moments That Matter) 471
What is the Church? (Moments that Matter) 437
How Should I Pray? (Moments that Matter) 414
How Will I Be Treated When I Am 120 Years Old? (Moments that Matter) 390
Progressive Christianity – What is It? (Part 2) 260
Progressive Christianity – What is It? 238
Can Faith be Rational? (Moments that Matter) 203
What is the Relationship of Christ’s Church, Body, and Kingdom? (Moments that Matter) 192
Is Abortion Right or Wrong? (Moments that Matter) 123